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ZA4887. Flash Eurobarometer 253 Survey on tobacco

D Q Jakiej ZA6596. Eurobarometer 84.1 (2015) Country Questionnaire Denmark. ZA696 Eurobarometer 8. (0) Country Questionnaire Denmark A Projektnummer EB8. A B Landekode EB8. B C Vores undersøgelsesnummer EB8. C D Interviewnummer EB8. D Q: HVIS 9 ER DEN ENESTE KODE, DER PASSER, Læs mere Special Eurobarometer 484 Survey requested by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers and co-ordinated by the Directorate-General for Communication This document does not represent the point of view of the European Commission.

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In this study the following modules are ZA599 Eurobarometer 8.5 Country Questionnaire Poland B kod państwa (0-0) EB8. B C centralny numer projektu (0-05) EB8. C D numer wywiadu (06-) EB8. D EB085PLXTRA / /06/0 Q: KOD 9 NIE MOŻE BYĆ JEDYNĄ ODPOWIEDZIĄ; European Parliament 1 ZA5558 Flash Eurobarometer 320 (European Contract Law in Business-to-Business Transactions) Country Questionnaire Czec ZA6 Eurobarometer 7. (0) Country Questionnaire Finland (Finnish) A Työnumero (0-0) EB7. A B Maakoodi (06-07) EB7. B C our survey number (08-0) EB7. C D Lomakenumero (-6) EB7. D EB07FIFTRA / 6//0 Q Mikä ZA877 Eurobarometer 80. Country Questionnaire Poland A numer projektu TNS OBOP (0-0) EB80. A B kod państwa (06-07) EB80. B C centralny numer projektu (08-0) EB80. C D numer wywiadu (-6) EB80.

ZA6652 Flash Eurobarometer 430 European Union - DBK

These surveys address a wide variety of topical issues relating to the European Union throughout its member states. The European Commission has made publicly available the original dataset of the Eurobarometer survey on public attitudes towards robots.

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This report presents the results of the Special Eurobarometer public opinion survey on the environment carried out in the 28 European Union Member States.

ZA5596 Eurobarometer 76. Country Questionnaire Poland A numer projektu TNS OBOP (0-05) EB76.
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Selected questions or modules may not been surveyed in each sample. Please consult the basic questionnaire for more information on country filter instructions or other questionnaire routing filters. EB - Eurobarometer. Questionnaire: other documentation. The Eurobarometer survey is designed to provide regular monitoring of public social and political attitudes in … [Eurobarometer] Query on EB territorial attachment questionnaire Moschner, Meinhard Meinhard.Moschner at Mon Nov 14 02:23:08 EST 2011.

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(2018) Eurobarometer 90.4: Attitudes of Europeans towards Biodiversity, Awareness and Perceptions of EU customs, and Perceptions of Antisemitism. Kantar Public [Producer]. GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences [Producer]. FLASH EUROBAROMETER 388 “Attitudes of Europeans towards Waste Management and Resource Efficiency” 4 MAIN FINDINGS Almost all Europeans (96%) think it is important that the EU uses its resources more efficiently. This belief is consistently high in all EU Member States, with the proportion ZA5878.

C D Interviewnummer (-6) EB79. ZA5563 Flash Eurobarometer 330 (Young People and Drugs) Country Questionnaire Denmark EUROBAROMETER 2011 Youth attitudes on drugs D1. The European Commission has published a Eurobarometer survey presenting European citizens' opinions on the impact of digitisation and automation on daily life.
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ZA6783 Flash Eurobarometer 442 Insolvency Country - DBK

Blood and Cell and This Eurobarometer survey on discrimination was commissioned to find out more about people's attitudes towards discrimination. Women and men in all fifteen member countries were asked about discrimination they may have experienced or seen at work, in education, in seeking housing or as a customer of retail or other services.